Boosting your skills to make an impact is Certifiably Tableau

Happy Certifiably Tableau Day!

To celebrate and recognize Tableau Desktop and Server Certified Professionals around the world, we checked in with them to see how their worlds have changed since becoming certified. These experts have seized opportunities to use their Certified Professional title to advance their careers, build credibility in their work relationships, and differentiate themselves.

When asked how being certified has helped them, we received some inspiring answers.

". . .progress my career and take on the role as technical evangelist within my company."
—Morten Bo Daugaard

". . .improve my edification around Tableau and data viz, mentor others, propel my career and personal brand, boost my resume, and validate my skills with clients."
—Tai Abukasis

". . .demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of how to use Tableau well, which has opened opportunities to share my knowledge, mentor others, and immediately build equity with potential clients.
—Amber Smart

Certified Professionals highlighted a host of benefits across a variety of different responses. This word cloud represents the key words shared throughout their replies:

Putting your skill set up against an advanced technical bar and proving an understanding of best practices is not for the faint of heart. As you can see from the word cloud, many Certified Professionals feel more confident after becoming certified.

"Being certified has helped me design complicated dashboards more quickly and confidently under pressure."
—Mike Cisneros

When someone is able to meet or exceed the high bar of certification, they come out of the other side feeling accomplished and ready to take on new challenges. Melanie Keane said, “Being certified represents a significant personal and professional goal, which has bolstered both my confidence and credibility in the areas of data analysis and visualization.”

But these data rockstars don’t stop with just taking pride in their own accomplishments; they go a step further to better those around them.

"Being certified has helped me improve the skills of the entire team so work done by any individual on the team remains consistent and accurate"
—Suraj Shah

There is a particularly accomplished and dexterous group of Certified Professionals who have achieved certification in both Tableau Desktop and Server. Championing this advanced, cross-functional skill set comes with its own perks. For example, Anoop Odedra finds that his two Certified Professional titles speak for him, saying, “[They give] me a certain amount of respect, and I am seen as an expert before I have even met people.”

Ravi Mistry is also certified on both products and considered achieving them a challenge. He said, “Certification has helped push myself for total tool mastery.”

Whether it’s Tableau Desktop, Server, or both, Certified Professionals help carry the mission of bringing the power of analytics to everyone. Timothy Vermeiren said, “Teach someone to open a report, and they’ll make decisions for a day; but teach someone to analyze their data with Tableau, and they’ll self-serve for the rest of their lives.”

Anoop shares the same sentiment with this encouragement: “Use the knowledge and skills learned to get to the certified level to help others; that is what Tableau is all about.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you want to join our community of Certified Professionals on a journey of self-improvement and inspiring others, you can find information about taking an exam on our certification page.

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