Use the new Simply Measured connector for deeper social media insights

At Tableau, we love to geek out about social media analytics. But getting started with social data can be challenging, especially because there are so many tools to choose from. If you’re a social media marketer, chances are you already have some favorite tools in your toolkit. And many of these probably include data.

We believe you should be able to analyze your data, wherever it lives. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Simply Measured on a new Tableau connector for marketers.

The Simply Measured connector lets you analyze your social media presence directly in Tableau. See your most successful content, compare performance across channels, or benchmark against competitors.

If you use Simply Measured, then you know that it’s a powerful tool for understanding your social presence across multiple channels. With the new connector, you can see that data in the context of your other data in Tableau. You can blend it with other data sources such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, or even other social data sources.

Social data is so robust that no two people will ask the same exact questions with it. And that’s fine! That’s why it’s important to get beyond dashboarding and explore your social data deeply and flexibly—wherever it lives.

Want to see the Simply Measured connector in action? Join me for a webinar with Simply Measured on Wednesday, July 27. And don’t forget to check out Tableau’s other resources for social media marketers!

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