This past week we had a large team of bloggers, photographer, and social media folks working at the #data14 Social Command Center.

Along with the content they were creating and covering, I was busy building dashboards to show what was happening on Twitter. You may have seen a couple being shared around the web using links, but today I'm putting them all together in one place.

To create these dashboards we used Twitter data provided by DataSift, if you're interested in how to this for your own brand, please leave a comment below or reach me at

We'll start with a series of screenshots from each nights activity on Twitter. This series used the #nightowl hashtag.
Sunday night before Conference

Monday night

Tuesday, the night of our Data Night Out party

We also analyzed what devices were most often used for tweeting to #data14.

This last screenshot showed what everyone was tweeting about during Tuesday's keynote.

This next section has interactive dashboards showing a summary of everything that happened during #data14 on Twitter. You can search for yourself and see how many followers you gained, what hashtags were popular and how many times you were mentioned.

These last two dashboards were embedded on our #data14 Twitter Tracker page, did you get a chance to use them during conference?

If you didn't have a chance to join the Twitter conversation this year make sure to join us next year using the #data15 hashtag.

See you in Vegas for TC15!

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Very comprehensive viz, Mike. I'm curious how Twitter/Datasift identifies poster's gender.

Hi George,

Here's how DataSift defines it:

"The Gender augmentation examines authors' names and home countries to determine their gender. Using trigram text analysis and an extensive database covering over 55 languages and geographical regions, we are able to determine whether the name is male, female or if it is unisex."

Hope that helps,

My tweets aren't showing up in any of the metrics. Why not? Some of them were on the "live" feed during the keynotes, so I know it was working....

Hi Ryan,

I reloaded the author usernames and you magically appeared! Sorry about the initial mix-up.

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