Today, we're excited to announce that over 1000 customer accounts are using Tableau Online. One thousand. Less than a year after we announced our secure, hosted solution for data analytics, 1000 companies worldwide have chosen to do analytics in the cloud, led by data pioneers and thought-leaders who are as excited as we are about what's possible.

These customers are choosing Tableau Online because they're inspired by what's possible with:

“Go fast” scenarios. This may be a small company looking for its first analytics solution, or a large company working on a new project or business. With hosted analytics, these companies hit the ground running, with no need for hardware or dedicated IT staff.

Mobile scenarios. Companies want to enable executives, salespeople or other road warriors with to access data securely anywhere, at any time, from any device. Tableau Online is outside the firewall and equips these teams with the data they need, when they need it most.

Partner and customer analytics. There is tremendous value in collaborating with partners and key customers on data. However, few organizations want to bring partners and customers inside the firewall. Tableau Online provides a place to share analytics securely with these extensions of your team.

The face of analytics is changing, and we're proud to call the people at the forefront of this revolution our customers. From our team to yours: Thank you for imagining what's possible with your data.

To celebrate, we're hosting happy hours around the world on Thursday, April 10. If you're in one of the cities listed below, come on out and we'll buy you a beer (or a soda!). These events are open to anyone who wants to mix and mingle with fellow data lovers. No demos, no speeches, no pitches, just a chance to network with people who are passionate about data. Reserve your spot now!

San Francisco

If you can't join us in person, we'll be celebrating virtually on Thursday, too. Join us on Twitter and Facebook with #hosting1000.

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