Survey Says: Audience Audit Loves Tableau

"Multivariate Attitudinal Segmentation Analysis"

Well that's a mouthful. It's also a fancy way of saying, "understanding your customers a whole lot better."

And it's worth its weight in gold to marketers.

Susan Baier, a 25-year marketing strategy veteran, provides sophisticated attitudinal research and audience segmentation to her clients. Baier designs and delivers targeted online surveys; she then analyzes the results and presents the findings to her clients.

Baier wanted to attract more agency clients, knowing what they could do with her findings. But in order to attract more agency clients, Baier needed to complete projects faster and at a lower cost, while keeping quality high.

Enter Tableau.

“Since incorporating Tableau into our work, we’ve increased our project load by a factor of eight, our timelines have reduced by 50 percent and our revenue has increased by a factor of four.”
-Susan Baier, Owner, Audience Audit

To learn more about the Audience Audit Tableau transformation, download the case study.

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