Top 8 Reasons to Attend the 2013 European Customer Conference

You love data and realize that data-driven decisions are better than gut-instinct. Whether you’re analyzing data on the daily or just want to hear how others are using analytics in their business strategy, we’ve got the event for you. Here are the top 8 reasons you won’t want to miss our 2013 European Customer Conference coming up in London this June.

1. Learn how to do more with your data. TCCEU13 features a lineup of the who’s-who in business intelligence today. From the people who make Tableau to the people who are getting the most out of Tableau, we showcase experts that will help you take your analytics to the next level. Peruse the agenda a glance.

2. Hobnob with Team Tableau and customers from throughout Europe…over 350 of them! Our Insider’s Guide has the top tips to captialise on your conference investment.

3. Dive into business topics and insights unique to your region. With dozens of sessions plus limitless opportunities to meet with the Tableau Doctor – you’re guaranteed to get all your questions answered.

4. Training, training, and more training. This isn’t the type of conference where you sit back and half listen while multi-tasking. It’s the kind of conference where your critical thinking skills are engaged and your hands-on knowledge of Tableau is tested every hour of the day.

5. Meet other European data analysts. From speakers like the forward-thinking professor Hans Rosling to brilliant customers and Tableau fans – we’re bringing everyone together for a meeting of the minds.

6. Engage with Tableau’s European partners. They love data as much as we do!

7. Get the latest news from Tableau --- straight from the CEO, executive team, and developers. Like Matt Francis of the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute said after attending last year:

“A wonderful opportunity to meet the people behind the software. When you talk to them you understand why Tableau is such a cool application. Having the chance to immerse yourself in all things Tableau for a few days gives you so much enthusiasm you cannot wait to get back to your data and start producing great visualizations. It makes you want to be a better Tableau Jedi.”

8. Explore London’s sights and rejuvenate the mind after a day of learning. Whether you’re a local or out-of-towner, we’ve made sure the evening events will keep you entertained and facilitate tons of networking opportunities to leave with fun memories and new career connections.

Read more about TCCEU13 here, and be sure to register by 26th April to save £249 off the full conference price of £999 + VAT.

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