We're excited to be launching Tableau 8, and we can't wait for all our customers to get their hands on it. With brand-new visualizations, blazing fast speed and, of course, mobile web authoring, Tableau 8 can go everywhere and anywhere. Where will you go with it? What will you do? Give us the scoop on your #DateWith8 on Twitter or on our Facebook page ... we can't wait to hear about it.

Here's what we'd love to hear about in your tweets and Facebook posts:

  • Tableau 8 is more mobile than ever. Where are you taking it? Show us!
  • We want you to bring your data out of the back office and into your business. Do you make things? Show us your #DateWith8 on the shop floor.
  • Which new feature is blowing your mind right now? Let us know what's got you revved up so we can thank a developer for you.
  • Your data is always in motion with Tableau 8, so send us a Vine or a YouTube vid of your #DateWith8 today.

These are just some of our ideas, but we KNOW our customers will have amazing ideas about how to show off #Tableau8. Have fun and get creative. You'll definitely have the appreciation of a grateful team here at Tableau.



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