Tableau 8 Beta Recap: Thanks to 3,900 Customers

As we get ready to release Tableau 8.0, I wanted to give you a few insights into our beta program and how we get the product ready to hit the market.

First of all, I want to give the beta participants a HUGE THANK YOU for their engagement and feedback. This has been our largest beta ever. We had 3900 beta participants testing this release. With more than 100 new features added in this version it was important to get broad coverage on the features and to make sure that we didn’t break existing functionality.

The beta program provides a great way to get product feedback and find defects in the product prior to general availability. This program has been very successful to identify issues early and providing feedback on new product features from users. We resolved more than 2800 customer reported issues and design feedback since the program started in November.

We received a ton of very positive feedback on the release. I picked a few of them from the long list of comments:

  • What an amazing result! Tableau team has stepping up the quality in every instances! !
  • Firstly, what a pleasure V8 is to work with, the speed improvements make an enormous difference. So much snappier now.
  • I started playing with the dynamic filter updates in the view. Those are very cool!
  • Thanks! Beautiful execution, btw. The "Edit" functionality is a game changer for our Server installation.
  • Salesforce connection to a single table works beautifully, and this is functionality I'm super excited about!
  • I love the overall set of changes in v8. It is working very well for me.
  • So far it’s a great upgrade. Seems faster in loaded some of my more complex dashboards.
  • I got our sales executive team most excited about the ability to schedule the delivery of reports to sales reps via Tableau Server. That, combined with Web Authoring, represents a major Tableau Server advancement in my mind.
  • Treemaps – I love this new graph type. I showed a sample treemap I made to sales management and they loved it.
  • I can’t wait to get the product into your hands later this month. In the meantime, I encourage you to come to the Tableau 8 Roadshow to learn more about the new capabilities in the release and see the product in action.

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