"Tableau is changing the game for us," Ryan Renner told us at the Tableau Customer Conference in San Diego.

He's Deloitte's Strategy and Operations Manager, and we sat down with him to get a better understanding of how one of the largest professional services companies in the world has made Tableau a cornerstone of an ambitious plan to revolutionize the way consulting firms solve problems and communicate solutions.

"We made the conscious choice of starting with Tableau at the staff level on down," says Renner. "So everybody from new-hire MBAs to people who come out of undergrad and campus have Tableau. And we're pushing it to our managers all the way up through our principals, directors and other partners."

What does that mean for Deloitte's world-class team of analysts and consultants?

"It's reduced the time that they have to spend on lower-value-add activities," Renner tells us. "They can more quickly get to the 'so what' or the 'ah-hah.' They're more willing and ready to share analysis faster than what's typically been expected. And when they have that excitement and that enthusiasm, it actually goes up through our organization and we hear very positive feedback from our leaders."

Watch the video to get the full scoop on how Deloitte is building a "culture of enablement" -- with stellar results for their clients -- by using Tableau.

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