Nothing less than Epic

Tableau has been at the Teradata Partners Conference this week, chatting about big data and meeting with customers. And last night Teradata presented Tableau with the Epic Award for Collaborative Revenue for being the fastest-growing Teradata partner.

We've loved working with Teradata and some great customers, like Wells Fargo, eBay and Verizon. We're honored to be recognized with this award.

If you're not familiar with the company, Teradata is one of the world's leading big data companies. Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouses power some of the largest data stores in the world.

Why are Tableau and Teradata as good together as peanut butter and chocolate? Because Teradata incorporates advanced analytics and industry intelligence into its data warehouses and Tableau can connect directly and leverage those capabilities. Tableau's direct connection to Teradata also takes advantage of many Teradata features, such as query banding, and is optimized for performance.

This means customers can leverage their investment in Teradata and use Tabelau as a layer of visual analysis right on top of their data warehouse.

And the people of Tableau and Teradata share a passion for advancing what people can do with big data and driving value from that.

Here's a picture of the crew accepting the award. Bob Fair, in the back, is really excited!

Teradata Partners ends tomorrow. We've had a great time; see you there next year.

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