Interview with Authors of The Accidental Analyst

This interview with Eileen McDaniel and Stephen McDaniel is about their new book (with Jonathan Koomey, the 3rd author) called The Accidental Analyst. The book covers what's become the most common situation in business today: an analyst who's not supposed to be an analyst.

The authors are out to reach the person who needs to use data to make decisions, but isn't formally trained as an analyst and probably doesn't have that name in their title. This could be executives, managers, business people, even people like surgeons and university administrators.

"It's fascinating to us the hectic environments that many people are struggling to create analytical insights in. They need practical advice to help them better manage the data, bring together the data, clean it up and actually gain insights," says Stephen McDaniel.

A limited run of the book will be available at the Tableau Customer Conference in Las Vegas in October. Otherwise the publisher will have it ready for general sale in January.

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