Remember the innocent, students-only Facebook of 2005? Without pictures, without video... without Mom? Well, judging from this visualization, those youthful days are long gone. The Facebook that we have today is an international force, with half a billion members, thousands of apps and an increasing volume of functionality. Take a look at this viz to see how popular Facebook is in your neck of the woods.

Despite Facebook's phenomenal success, there are still over 200M people in North America who have yet to join. Universal adoption is nearly impossible, but there is clearly room for growth. Outside of North America and Europe, the story is entirely different. Massive populations in India, Brazil and Indonesia have yet to be swayed into the Facebook camp, partly due to the popularity of other sites, like Google's Orkut. These people will decide whether Facebook goes global, or remains a club of the English speaking world.

Thanks to Robert Morton for the visualization.

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Imagine 125,000,000 in the USA on Facebook. I've personally reconnected with many of my childhood friend - some of which I hadn't spoken to for nearly 35 years. Great viz!

I particularly like the way the reference lines in bar chart were created using the population by country with the tooltip displaying the % penetration. Subtle and really effective presentation.

Thanks Dan! Looking forward to your next guest post... I was just checking out the TED viewer again.

Visibly absent from this list is China. I would be interested in seeing if there is any penetration there. I love the ability to see the size and scope of the total population difference of the available countries. Well done!

I have done interactive map of Facebook users. The map consists
percentage of Facebook users in 157 countries.
Here is the map.

My map consists data for more countries but the data is a bit old as from May 2010 and your data is from July 2010.

Btw the Facebook data published on Guardian DataBlog was first posted by a blogger. Getting data about social websites is always hunting. Now I am hunting for Twitter by country data :)

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