We've been excited to see The Seattle Times, our hometown paper, viz on all kinds of data lately. One of our favorites is their interactive bike map, published for Bike to Work day to warn commuters of danger zones.

The Seattle Times also published a viz as part of an annual features, The Best of the Northwest, which ranks public companies in the Northwest by a variety of financial metrics. Click into the viz to explore the data..

And in a city that saw the largest bank failure in U.S. history, readers are naturally interested in the health of their bank. So the Seattle Times offered an interactive bank finder where readers can compare three key ratios of their bank to the median.

Finally, over in the business department the Seattle Times reported on Microsoft earnings. Click to see the visualization:

In this age of gutted news departments and thin reporting, it's exciting to see a first-class newspaper publish data that matters to their community.

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How were the locations of the accidents geocoded for lat and long?

I'm guessing they record the accidents by street address - for which several geocoding services exist.

To add on to James' comment, batchgeo is an excellent service with which to do this. As long as you have full addresses that can be put into a csv...

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