New Data Modeling Capabilities

We're making sophisticated data modeling easy

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We’re enhancing Tableau with new data modeling capabilities to help you more easily analyze complex data without having to learn advanced database concepts or write custom SQL code. Combine your data using table relationships that keep your data model flexible into the flow of analysis. Create normalized data models in the form of star and snowflake schemas, or flexible models with fact tables at different grains.

Simplify the data modeling process

Tableau streamlines data modeling to let you use star and snowflake schemas to seamlessly relate multiple fact tables. Our new semantic layer uses contextual, dynamic joins and gives you better domain control. Answer complex analytic questions faster and more easily—no advanced database skills required.

A more intuitive analytics experience

Slice and dice more complex data with confidence because Tableau understands and manages the level-of-detail in your data, automatically accounting for many data duplication scenarios, and ensuring you get accurate results without level of detail calcs.

More efficient data sources

Tableau only queries the tables relevant to the dashboard. By maintaining the underlying relationships, fewer joins and calculations are needed. Together you can experience faster extract creation and dashboard interactions.

Fewer data sources to maintain

Since these enhanced data sources can answer a wider variety of questions, organizations will be able to consolidate the number of distinct data sources they create and maintain.