Banks differentiate themselves from the competition by offering excellent quality of service. With Tableau, you give yourself and your customers a new level of insight. Among our customers are banks like CitiBank, Barclays, BNP Paribas or Wells Fargo. They are using Tableau to analyze their business transactions and for banking-specific business intelligence tasks such as:

  • Delivering web-based investment tracking tools to customers and sales staff
  • Running What-If analyses for customers trying to grasp the impact of investment decisions
  • Using interactive banking dashboards to monitor credit and risk management in specific regions
  • Dynamically reporting of outstanding claims

Money is data. Tableau helps you see and understand it.

Use dynamic reports from live data and focus on what is important at any given moment. Overarching visibility will help you identify trends and risks across your entire business. Discover the reciprocity of your individual business actions and put yourself in a position to act and react quickly.

The value of Tableau is that we're able to reach a really broad audience with a lot of information that we just couldn't do otherwise without an extremely large team.

Interactive Portfolio Overview

Interactive portfolio overview with automatic balancing based on Sharpe ratio

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Best of both worlds

Digital banks can combine a clear customer focus, an optimized branch network and transparency on the one hand, with integrated sales channels and an efficient business model on the other. This is made possible by the technologies, processes and organizational structures emerging in the course of the digital revolution.

If you think it's enough to develop a few apps, think again. The underlying business models need to change in order to remain viable in the digital age. Models with Sockel- or basic fees are hopelessly outdated. This also means replacing static behind-the-scenes solutions with modern and agile tools. Only those who manage to drive a comprehensive cultural and strategic change, involving Digital Natives in development and implementation, will see long-term sucess.

Chart analysis

Analyze any basic values from various sectors with polynominal trend lines

The viz on the right is interactive. Just try it by clickingaround!

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Whether you would like to get some more answers on a quick phone call, in an online presentation or face-to-face, we are but a click away. We have the necessary experience with other customers in the finance world to find the right solution for you, too. Let's unlock the full potential of your data together.

Your Financial Analytics Team in Frankfurt

Sascha Hahn
Sascha Hahn
Enterprise Account Manager
Tableau Software
Hamid Tanani
Hamid Tanani
Sales Area Manager
Tableau Software
Alexander Loth
Sales Consultant
Tableau Software

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