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Data-informed decision making is critical in a world transformed by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re here to help. Bookmark this page and stay up to date with essential data resources and actionable information, from daily dashboards to real-world solutions.


UNICEF uses data to help children impacted by COVID-19

Children in the poorest countries, already in desperate situations, are at higher risk of even greater suffering because of the pandemic. To help all children impacted by COVID-19, we need to know more - and using data insights, UNICEF is working to find solutions.

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India: Volunteers create dashboard to help citizens find critical resources

India is in the grips of a dire surge of COVID-19 infections, now accounting for 46% of global cases. Medical supplies and hospital beds are in high demand, along with services including food delivery and mental health support. A group of volunteers in India have addressed this critical need for information with a dashboard to help people locate the resources and care they need. To date, there are data for 25 cities, with more cities to be added as data is compiled.

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What we can learn from open data

In the Netherlands, Deloitte is leveraging the power of open data as part of a State of the State initiative that features a dashboard visualizing trends related to COVID-19 and the new normal. With a multi-dimensional view into the impacts of COVID-19, it’s possible for policymakers and organizations to see and understand the broader story, and lead with data-driven decisions.

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Visualize progress toward normalcy

Explore global metrics for a number of key indicators: testing, vaccination uptake, contact tracing, and public health policies.


Jumpstart your own analysis

Starter kits and prepared data to help you do your own analysis to understand the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Don't have Tableau? Download our free trial to get started.


Special thanks to Tableau Zen Masters Anya A’Hearn, Tamas Foldi, Allan Walker, and Jonathan Drummey for all of their work to make these resources more accessible to the public.

Jumpstart Workbook

COVID-19 Cases Starter Workbook

This downloadable workbook includes a starter dashboard as well as an embedded connection to trusted COVID-19 activity data. This data is sourced from from JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data and The New York Times (who is aggregating data from state and local governments and health departments for the US). Anyone can blend their own data with this workbook to better understand the impact on their organization.

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This datasource is updated daily by 12 p.m. PT.

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Connect to COVID-19 activity data

The data stream, aggregated from JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data and The New York Times, continues to be a vital resource for corporate and government decision makers as they navigate the global pandemic.


Get started with the COVID Activity API hosted on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange. You can use this API to leverage COVID-19 data on cases, deaths, testing, hospitalizations, ventilator use, and more.

AWS Data Exchange

The AWS Data Exchanges makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. You can subscribe to COVID-19 activity data and more for free at the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data Hub listing in the AWS Data Exchange.

COVID-19 case data can be directly downloaded or accessed through a Web Data Connector from, a platform for data that enables users to post, search, and collaborate on data sets on a large and meaningful scale.

Step-by-Step Instructions for All Data Sources


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Viz responsibly

As you use COVID-19 data, it’s important to remember that, while the underlying data comes from trusted sources, it’s difficult to estimate an accurate count for the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide because of the vastly different approaches to both testing and reporting. Also remember, even data visualizations based on accurate data can be misleading.

Read more about data viz best practices related to COVID-19 and 10 considerations before you create another chart about COVID-19.

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