The Modern BI Stack in Operation

In the world of data analytics, there is always a tendency to focus solely on the tech stack above everything else. We get it – technology is new and shiny and exciting. Tech, however, is only part of the equation, you also need people who can revolutionise the way you use data across your business - from Sales to Finance to Operations. Inter-company co-operation and data sharing can determine the success of the right technology stack and turn that data into an asset that will give your business the edge, especially in these uncertain times.

We will review key factors that affect your ability to:

  • Acquire raw data from different sources
  • Process data and deal with typical structural challenges quickly
  • Visualise data to turn it into useful, actionable information

You’ll walk away with a refreshed view of the Modern BI Stack that will encourage your organisation to have greater synergy between people, processes, and technology both, at a functional level and as a whole. This comprehensive alignment approach will support faster inter-organisational decision-making and responsiveness of the business through improved collaboration.