Thursday Trainings at Three hosted by The Information Lab

Our partner, The Information Lab, are running introductory sessions where you'll learn how to leverage data in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server and Web Edit, and Alteryx Designer. Choose from several sessions:

Tableau Prep (Beginner) – In this session you’ll get acquainted with the general interface of Tableau Prep Builder, how you can perform joins, data cleansing activities, and simple transformation tasks.

Tableau Advanced Charts (Advanced) – In this session we’ll show you how to build a handful of specific charts that go far and beyond the ones available in the ‘Show Me’ menu. Examples of the charts we may cover are dual axis combination charts, small multiple charts, and dynamically updating charts using features like set and parameter actions.

Tableau Table Calculations (Advanced) – Need a little more oomph to answer tougher analytical questions like ‘Percent of total within branches’ or ‘Year-to-date running sum of growth’? Then you need Table Calculations! This session will cover the basics of what table calculations are, their syntax, and ways that you can use them to do more with your data (such as year over year growth and window calculations).