Thursday Trainings at Three hosted by The Information Lab

Our partner, The Information Lab, are running introductory sessions where you'll learn how to leverage data in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server and Web Edit, and Alteryx Designer. Choose from several sessions:

Tableau for Salesforce (Beginner) – This session will show you an overview of Tableau Desktop’s capabilities, how to connect to Salesforce data, and how to join on additional data sources. We’ll cover everything from connecting to data to easily creating different charts and dashboards, to showing you how easy it is to embed a Tableau dashboard in Salesforce.

Tableau Calculations (Intermediate) - This session takes you beyond the most basic drag-and-drop functions in Tableau Desktop. You'll learn how to extend what you can do in Tableau by creating calculated fields.

Tableau LODs (Advanced) – LOD expressions are powerful tools that let you perform calculations across multiple levels of detail in your data. This session dives into LOD syntax, and goes through common use cases for LODs, and how LODs interact with other functions in Tableau.