Thursday Trainings at Three hosted by The Information Lab

Our partner, The Information Lab, are running introductory sessions where you'll learn how to leverage data in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server and Web Edit, and Alteryx Designer. Choose from several sessions:

Tableau for Desktop (Beginners) – This session will show you an overview of Tableau Desktop’s capabilities – from how you can connect to data and easily create different charts, to tables and dashboards.

NEW Tableau Visual Design Best Practices (Beginner) – Understanding how your brain interprets data visualisations is key to designing clear data visualisations that help your audience get deeper insights from the data. In this session we’ll cover the basics of visual design best practice, and show you how to use these principles to build elegant dashboards.

Tableau Working with Strings (Advanced) – Learn how to get the most out of working with text in Tableau. In this session we’ll cover how you can use the most commonly used string functions in Tableau. We’ll dive into their syntax, and look at some concrete examples of how you can use string functions in action.