Managing and interpreting retail sales and inventory data is hard, and with the ever increasing demands from buyers and analyst, it will only become more difficult in the future. Add to that the fact that store level information is now readily available via Target’s Business Partner Data (BPD) and segmentation questions that were once a rarity, will soon become the norm.

SetSight Viz utilizes SetSight’s data management expertise of working with over 20% of all Target’s active BPD feeds (600+ active vendors) and Tableau’s ability to put that data into easy to interpret visualizations. This partnership allows us to put a turnkey solution for visualizing chain and store level information at your fingertips with interactive, pre-built dashboards, which speak in Target’s language.

SetSight Viz is the first service of its kind that puts an out of the box solution in your hands for visualizing and performing ad-hoc analysis on your weekly sales and inventory data from Target, that requires no ongoing user maintenance and is priced at the individual user, not team, level. SetSight Viz is a low risk solution that an individual on your team can start using, but you have the ability to expand others in the future.

You will walk away from the event with real world examples of visualizations that are used currently each week at Target.

10:00-10:30am: Registration (snacks & drinks provided)
10:30-11:15am: Presentation
11:15-11:30am: Q&A, we will have people available one on one to answer your questions

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