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How Teritiary Institutions can make an impact with data

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In higher education, Tableau is unlocking the power of data to improve learning, fundraising, planning and research. Hundreds of leading institutions use Tableau to analyse student enrollment, achievement and demographics, develop alumni relations, academia and streamline educational reporting.

In this webcast we'll discuss how Tableau enriches the learning experience with analytics anyone can use and understand.

  • Data overload- How do we turn volumes of data into actionable information in Tertiary Education?
  • Self-service analytics - Invoke critical thinking to identify and resolve problems real-time.
  • New frontiers - What are your peers doing to be more data-driven?
  • Tracking training quality and effectiveness
  • Visualizing talent strengths and gaps in an organization

Who should attend? IT, Analysts, Planning Officers, Lecturers, Researchers, Marketing, HR, Facility Managers and anyone who works with data!

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