9:00am - Registration and Introduction to Tableau for Citrix
9:15am - Citrix Internal Presentations with Tableau

  • Igor Zaritsky, Business Intelligence Development Manager presenting 2017 Tableau Deployment Review
  • Review Innovative Tableau presentations by Citrix users

10:45am - Break
11:00am – Tableau Product Roadmap

  • In this session, we will review the features of Tableau 10.2, and will look at the roadmap for Tableau 10.3 and beyond!

12:00pm – Beginner Class (Lunch and Learn)

  • Please feel free to bring your laptop and have Tableau Desktop installed. During this workshop, we will show you how to get started with Tableau by creating some visualizations!

1:00pm – Make me a Jedi!

  • During this session, we will cover some more challenging topics including LOD and Table Calculations.

The Doctor Will See You Now!

Tableau Doctor Sessions: 1:00pm - 4:00pm - Viz troubles have you feeling a bit under the weather? Not to fret, the Tableau Doctor will be here @ Citrix!

On May 1st, following the Citrix Tableau Day, the Tableau team will host doctor appointments to help you 1:1 with your most puzzling Tableau issues. Tableau Doctor sessions will be held first floor Royal Palm Rooms D & E, and remotely via GTM. Please try to choose challenging topics not covered in regular training or self-service materials.

In order to make productive use of everyone’s time, we ask that you send emails to Igor Zaritsky ( and Leilani Hickman ( in advance with your issues and scenarios so we can prioritize your doctor sessions. The number of appointments is limited so assignments will be made on a first come, first serve basis. Please send in your topics by EOD Friday April 21st.

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