Stadium Tour of Norway - Oslo

Tableau & Alteryx is all about connecting and preparing data, to make data analytics fast, easy, beautiful and most importantly, useful.

Join us for our Stadium Tour and we'll show you how to find and connect to your data and visualise your queries without writing a single line of code. You'll learn how to create a dashboard from scratch and see how you can quickly analyse, visualise and share information and publish your results. How has your soccer team done in the past and why? But also, let’s predict how they will be doing in the coming seasons in a fast, easy and intuitive way.

It’s self-service analytics, for everyone.

If you are new to Tableau/Alteryx or just getting started, then this session is for you. Register for one of the cities near you.

16 October: Oslo
17 October: Bergen
22 October: Trondheim
23 October: Stavanger

Bring along your laptop with your copy of Tableau Desktop and Alteryx Designer (or the 14-day trial version) installed, and we will take it for a drive.

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