Snowflake Data Cloud Summit

As organizations continue to speed up their digital transformations, it is vital for workforces to become enabled with their data. Customers continue to look to the powerful combination of Tableau and Snowflake in order to bring self-service analytics to their companies. The Snowflake Data Cloud Summit features numerous speaking sessions around Snowflake's expanding cloud data platform. IT leaders, BI Developers, Executives and more will learn how Snowflake can help guide their teams towards mobilizing their data. Join us for several sessions featuring Tableau and Snowflake as we tell the stories of how our two industry leading platforms are creating great opportunities with data. Register for your region here:

North America | EMEA | APAC | Japan

Tableau Sessions

North America | November 17

Tech titans and the confluence of the data cloud | Tuesday, November 17, 10:30a.m. - 10:45a.m. PST

This hard-hitting conversation will bring together three technology leaders from Snowflake, AWS, and Tableau to discuss the paradigm shift that’s being created by the emergence of the Data Cloud. They’ll explore trends that are shaping data capabilities and specifically how organizations are transforming their companies with data and insights. Each will share a unique perspective on how their technologies are accelerating the data landscape and providing game-changing innovations for organizations around the globe.

Fast to create. Fast to market. Your data products powered by Tableau and Snowflake | Tuesday, November 17, 12:45p.m. - 1:15p.m. PST

Imagine how much more powerful your product would be with embedded dashboards powered by the industry-leading analytics platform and cloud data platform providers. With Tableau’s embedded analytics capabilities and Snowflake’s cloud data platform, you can bring that vision and your product to life. Join Tableau and Snowflake to see how companies are quickly and easily enhancing their products with analytics that their customers want.   This session will include real-life examples of how customers have embedded visual self-service analytics into their applications to gain a competitive advantage, provide a more engaging customer experience, and create new revenue streams.

EMEA | November 18

A data platform that inspires a data culture | Wednesday, November 18, 10:20a.m. - 10:40a.m. GMT

Discover how two very different companies, Huel and Uniper, uncovered the power of a new data culture. Both organisations recognized that agile, data-driven decision-making fuels their businesses. Hear how both customers created a data strategy in which Snowflake helps with their data lake flexibility combined with the powerful analytics capabilities of Tableau. This session will look at the following proven strategies and technologies that can empower everyone in your organization to see, understand, and analyse all your data at scale:

  • Connect, catalog, and flexibly combine and model data from multiple sources
  • Provide simple on-ramps to self-service analytics with a seamless flow from natural language to visual analytics
  • Enable non-data scientists to leverage the power of machine learning and advanced statistical models with augmented analytics
  • Embed data perspectives into key business applications to enable decisions to be made with speed and precision without leaving the workflow

APAC | November 19

Driving data democratization with fast self-service analytics from Tableau and Snowflake | Thursday, November 19, 1:45p.m. - 2:05p.m. AEDT

With the power of Tableau’s self-service analytics and Snowflake’s cloud data platform, you can transform your organisation to make data-driven decisions faster than ever with optimised dashboard performance. Hear from Pooyan Asgari, Chief Data Officer at Domain, on how Australia’s leading real estate platform has democratised data across the business to enable strategic decision making led by accessing valuable insights in near real time.

Japan | November 25

Make quickly and bring to market quickly. Enhanced data products with Tableau and Snowflake | Wednesday, November 25, 2:15p.m. - 2:45p.m. JST

Imagine how powerful your product can be when you incorporate dashboards supported by industry-leading analytics and cloud data platform providers. With Tableau's analytics capabilities and Snowflake's cloud data platform, we can make this dream come true with our products. Join Tableau and Snowflake sessions to learn how companies can quickly and easily enhance their products by delivering the analytics their customers want.

This session will also show real-world examples of how customers actually incorporated visual self-service analytics into their applications to gain competitive advantage, provide a better customer experience and gain new revenue streams.