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Dyson: From Static to Ecstatic
James Hodkinson, Global Business Intelligence Manager, at Dyson will illustrate how moving from static reports to interactive visualisations with Tableau, is helping dyson make more and more data driven decisions, and ultimately changing the culture from intuition to data reliance. With tools like Tableau, James and the team discovered how showing information in a compelling way and allowing users to easily interact with data, the organisation were able to action insight to help streamline key decision making.

In this session you will learn how James and the Global BI team were able to overcome challenges of increasing requests of access to data from users across the organisation and bottlenecked reporting, by visualising data with Tableau.
James will highlight some key takeaways including how initial interest doesn’t guarantee adoption but that communication, a successful deployment as well as influencing and engaging key stakeholders and decision makers, are the key drivers on the road to self-service analytics.

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