Find out how the Finnish Transport Agency gained a holistic and visual overview of their strategic assets worth 20 Billion Euro in just six weeks. During the breakfast you will learn:

  • How to implement a production ready end-to-end data solution in six weeks
  • The benefits of SaaS “true service in the cloud”
  • How powerful visualization enhances the ability to find real value from your data asset


07:30 Registration and breakfast

08:00 Welcome: Future of data – Solita

08:10 Faster, Better, Easier! Enabling the data-driven company -Snowflake

08:25 The analytics platform that disrupted the world of business intelligence – Tableau

08:40 Customer case: Finnish Transport Agency

09:00 Wrap up and discussion, Q&A

09:05-09:45 Demo labs open:

  • Demo lab/Solita: The 6 weeks approach – from zero to production ready
  • Demo lab/deep dive Snowflake
  • Demo lab/deep dive Tableau

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