Feel like you’re missing out while other groups are exploring their data and sharing insights across teams? Don’t let other departments have all the fun – marketing/PR teams have a treasure trove of data waiting to be visualized.

We are pleased to invite you for an exclusive breakfast session with our VP of Corporate Communications, Adriana Gil Miner.

Based out of our corporate headquarter in Seattle, Adri will be in town for a sharing session on how Corporate Communications teams can utilize visual analytics in their every day work. The session will include use cases and best practices for capturing, analyzing and reporting valuable metrics like volume/quality of media coverage, social media growth and channel performance, reach and influence within the analyst community and more.

This interactive session will highlight example dashboards used daily by Tableau executives, and help you jump start your journey to more data-driven PR and marketing campaigns.

If you are keen to attend this event, please register with Sarah Kurian.

Featured Speaker

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