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Agenda: CarMax Cafeteria

1:30-2:00 - Keynotes
2:00-2:30 - Visual Design Best Practices for Optimal Performance
2:30-3:00 - Data Isn’t Like Your Kids, You Don’t Have to Love Them Equally: How to Build a Dashboard That People Love
3:00-3:30 - 50 Tips in 50 Mins

Agenda: Kings Canyon

2:00-2:30 - Automating Tableau Data Sources with Python
2:30-3:00 - Tableau as a Data Exploration Tool
3:00-3:30 - Bringing HR Data to Life with Tableau
3:30-4:00 - What's New in 10.4 and Coming up in 10.5
4:00-4:30 - Tableau Q&A / Hands-on Help*
*For hands-on assistance, please download Tableau Desktop in advance here if you don’t already have it installed.

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