We look forward to seeing you at Tableau Government Summit! Want to get the most of your Summit experience and get to know Tableau partners? It’s your lucky day - our Platinum sponsor, Booz Allen Hamilton, has requested your attendance at an exclusive sponsored breakfast on Thursday, February 23.

Date: Thursday, February 23
When: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Where: 304 (Floor 3)
Speaker: RK Paleru, Principal, Data Analytics, Civil Commercial Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
Presentation Title: Insights-as-a-Service for a Data Driven Government
Presentation Abstract: Government manages staggering amount and variety of data inputs—permits, forms, legal documents, payments, correspondence, audit findings, scientific readings, and more. However, for many challenges confronting society today and to improve its own accountability & performance, Government needs to discover, aggregate, analyze and disseminate meaningful insights from such data to protect the safety and security of communities, accelerate delivery of citizen services, enable evidence based decisions, and create economic opportunities. Data Discovery & Visualization is the linchpin within the value chain of disseminating analytical insights. In this session, Booz Allen Hamilton will share its experiences leveraging such capabilities to enable a Data Driven Government.