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With Tableau and AWS, deploying an agile, end-to-end analytics platform in the cloud has never been faster. Deep integrations between Tableau and AWS fulfill IT's requirements around security, scalability, and reliability while delivering a self-service environment for business users to quickly discover and communicate insights.

Join us December 2-6 in Las Vegas and see firsthand the power of Tableau on AWS.

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Visit Tableau in the AWS Expo Hall, located in the Venetian/Sands

  • We'll be showcasing Tableau's newest features and updates
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Tableau Session: December 4th, 3:15 PM | MGM Grand, Level 1, Grand Ballroom 124
Tableau Server on AWS enables analytics agility for Capital One

    Speaker: Michael Foree - Platform Engineer, Capital One

    Speaker: Anoop Kunjuramanpillai - Senior Manager, Capital One

    As a financial institution, Capital One must be compliant with internal and external policies and regulations. One of these is to regularly replace its Tableau infrastructure, which enables the company to always have the latest security updates and patches in place. To meet this requirement, Capital One chose Tableau Server on AWS and devised a one-click deployment pattern that reduced time and errors while increasing flexibility. In this session, representatives from Capital One discuss some key principles to be aware of as you start or grow your own Tableau deployment. This presentation is brought to you by Tableau, an APN Partner.

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