Tableau User Group Weekly: August 2 - August 13, 2021

Welcome back to this week's snapshot of the latest Tableau User Group events happening around the world. Catch up on the freshest content or join an upcoming event, all while getting inspiration from the DataFam. Not only will you learn new tips and tricks, but you’ll see them in action too.

User Group Meeting of the Week: North Texas

Tuscon Tableau User Group

The North Texas Tableau User Group hosted a session full of Tableau tips for your business dashboards. Will Perkins, Data Visualization Manager at JPMorgan Chase, went over the power of  the underappreciated DATEDIFF calculation (the difference between two dates), covering a variety of use cases with a common goal of scaling business dashboards. While Tableau Zen Master, Lindsay Betzendahl shared her top 10 tips for turning up the heat on your business dashboards such as landing page images, containers, and fancy tables. Dive in and watch the full recording here.

Coming up

Attend an upcoming virtual User Group event and learn from your peers across geographies and industries to help advance your analytics skills.

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In case you missed it

Couldn't tune in live? Don't worry—review the recordings of the most recent user group meetings below.

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