Introducing the Data Leadership Collaborative

We’re thrilled to announce the Data Leadership Collaborative (DLC), a new community dedicated to bringing like-minded data leaders together to connect, learn, and help each other progress on the journey to building data-driven organizations. The DLC applies the power of community to the challenges many organizations face as they establish their data cultures.

Leaders around the globe share the aspiration to use data to make business better, faster, more efficient. Whether it’s a priority on your CXO’s to-do list or simply a glimmer in your executives’ eyes, everyone is trying to capture the full power of data.

Although technology plays a big role in giving your people access to data and empowering them to dive in and find insights, becoming a data-driven organization requires more than choosing the right technology platform: it also requires fostering a data culture, which is when the magic really starts to happen.

At Tableau, we understand a data culture as the behaviors and beliefs that shape how people use data to make decisions. When an organization develops a data culture, there is a fundamental shift in the way they think about and use data. Data becomes part of the organization’s DNA, with a place in every conversation. 

Corporate transformation is worthwhile, but it’s never easy. Change like this requires vision and executive alignment. It requires a strategic investment of time and resources. It requires trial and error, learning and iterating, and ongoing focus. Tableau believes deeply in the power of a data culture, and we’re committed to helping customers like you find your paths to success. 

The value of community

Daily we hear stories about how people’s careers and lives change for the better  because of the community’s help. Our Data Fam is so eager to provide help, and we’re in awe of the ways everyone supports, teaches, and inspires each other to advance on their data journey. We’ve seen firsthand how the power of community can shape an individual’s path.

That got us thinking: couldn’t community do the same for organizations--helping them craft a thriving data culture? 

We think it can. 

How community can help build your data culture

The Data Leadership Collaborative (DLC) unites people around a shared vision where data is embedded into the fabric of their organizations, and everyone is comfortable and confident using it every day. Here, anyone with a passion to do more with data is a leader, no matter your role, industry, or location.

The DLC will feature articles written by key leaders in the data community, giving you the opportunity to learn from their experiences and apply their lessons. The DLC also gives data leaders a chance to connect for small-group, collaborative discussions to discuss specific topics most valuable to you. These discussions will not only help you crowdsource wisdom and address unique concerns, you’ll make long-lasting connections and build a strong, supportive network of data leaders like you.

Many organizations share this vision of fostering a data culture in their organizations. That transformation is critical, urgent, and difficult. The Data Leadership Collaborative is there to help you find the people who are on the same journey, and who can lend a hand to propel you forward. 

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The new Data Leadership Collaborative website


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