DataFam Speaks: Christopher Capotosto

The DataFam Speaks series highlights our amazing Tableau community members. Watch the video to learn more about Tableau Student Ambassador Christopher Capotosto.

Christopher is a recent graduate from the University of California, Riverside, and earned his degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. While at UC Riverside, Christopher was first introduced to the world of analytics in the Winter of 2018 through his Introduction Information Systems class where he briefly used Tableau to analyze the Superstore data set. After learning the basics of Tableau, he created a Tableau Public account and worked on community challenges like Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday. In the months following, Christopher was able to utilize Tableau during his international consulting internship and was later inducted into the first Tableau Student Ambassador Program. Since then, he has created and taught the Fundamentals of Tableau, a college accredited class, where he teaches students of all majors the fundamentals of Tableau while exploring its use cases in various industries. This past summer, Christopher interned as a Product Manager at Tableau Software and worked to bring user-facing features to Tableau Public!

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Christopher shares one of his inspiration from the Tableau community:

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