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Tableau 10.1

We’re always working to make Tableau faster, easier, and more delightful. The features below are in development for Tableau 10.1. What ships in the final release may change.

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Tableau 10.1

  • JSON
  • Union updates
  • Marketo connector
  • Eloqua connector
  • SAP connector updates
  • More parameters support
  • Google BigQuery improvements
  • SSL support for Netezza and Teradata
  • Conditional subscriptions
  • Mobile dev toolkit
  • Server API updates
  • Document API updates
  • Rest API updates
  • WDC updates
  • Automated Tableau Server installation
  • Import profile pic
Visual Analytics
  • Drill-up on continuous date fields
  • Airport code support
  • More maps data
  • Web authoring
  • Device layouts
  • Full screen viz


Connect and prep your data faster, with new connectors and data prep improvements.


Analyze your local JSON data directly in Tableau. Bring government data, data from web APIs, and other popular JSON data sources right into Tableau with a few clicks.

Ready to test

Union updates

Save time with wildcard unions. Union all files in a directory that match a specific condition, or all sheets in an Excel workbook. You can also union multiple Google Sheets workbooks with a few clicks.

Ready to test


Powerful governance and extensibility features for scalable enterprise deployments.

Conditional subscriptions

Stay on top of your changing business. You can now receive email updates when data is present in your viz.

Ready to test

Visual Analytics

Leverage new maps data, and more with new visual analytics capabilities.

Drill-up on continuous date fields

Easily explore data hierarchies with the ability to drill back up on continuous fields in Tableau Desktop.

Ready to test

Airport codes

Tableau now recognizes IATA and ICAO codes, making it even easier for you to map airports. Also you can now easily map second level administrative regions in the Netherlands.

Maps data

Understand geographic data more easily with postal code additions for Thailand and South Africa and postal code updates for the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. We've also updated United States congressional districts.

Do more on the web

With improved web authoring, it’s easier for everyone to use Tableau when and where they want.

Web authoring

Enjoy a rich authoring experience on the web. You can easily edit reference lines and bands, and use interactions like show/hide headers.

Ready to test

Device layouts on the web

Check out "read only" previews of device layouts when authoring on the web.

Ready to test

Full screen viz

Make your vizzes more impactful. Users can now view embedded and non-embedded vizzes in full-screen mode.

Ready to test

Any unreleased features or services are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.