Tableau has teamed up with ReadWriteWeb to challenge you to an interactive “graph” contest. Will you be the one who publishes a viz so engaging and so smart that you rock our panel of viz and blogging experts? If you are, you’ll win big!

Sound like fun? Oh you have no idea how much fun you will have turning data into an interactive work of art. Follow our four quick steps and you could be well on your way to winning.

  1. Download the FREE Tableau Public tool
  2. Select one of the data sets
  3. Create and publish your “viz” to your blog or website
  4. Submit your entry form

And what do you win? You’ll win a free roundtrip trip ticket to San Francisco to attend the Web 2.0 EXPO, 5 night’s accommodations, free admission to the conference and $500 bucks! Even better, you’ll be the featured guest at our Web 2.0 party May 5, 2010 AND your “viz” will be a featured article on Read Write Web and Tableau Public’s site.

This is an offer too good to pass up, check out our contest details page to get the all the nifty details you need to win.

Finally, here's a video on how to enter. We can't wait to see the amazing vizes you create.


Ho hum, another US-resident only contest :-(
Can you line one up for us international Tableau Jedi's in the future? Good luck to everyone entering the contests.

Hi Andy - I know how disappointing it must be that it's U.S. only. Unfortunately, running a worldwide contest brings a whole host of legal and implementation challenges that we felt we couldn't solve.

That being said, I'm looking into some alternatives for our very important and highly valued non-U.S. customers and users.