Laszlo Letter Blog Sees Tableau as "Worth a Look" for the Biopharma Industry

George Laszlo who writes the blog "The Laszlo Letter" made a great point in his December 13, 2007 blog entry. It's easy not to try anything new because what you're currently using is working okay. But then you miss out on great stuff. George makes the argument that Tableau Software is a little like that.

In his blog, he wrote "while the statement 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' serves as a great warning whenever we contemplate something new, it should not mean that we ignore the options. A good case in point is the way we currently analyze and visualize discovery and development data. The tried and true tools include SAS, S-PLUS, Spotfire and Integrated Review. But now there is another tool that's worth a look, Tableau."

We always are grateful when people see that what Tableau is doing is different and innovative. And in fact, George saw that we have plenty of Biopharma clients (including Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics, Merck, etc.) so we're really not a stretch for this industry.

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