With the most recent DOT/NHTSA car seat ease of use data posted on data.gov, we created this viz to help parents choose a car seat that they can actually operate!

Choosing a car seat can be nerve-racking and confusing... likewise for using one. Use this viz to select your seat type and browse through each seat. As you can see, The First Years offerings seem to be leading the pack in ease of use.

Visually, this graphic is uncomplicated. We used stars, a symbol mentally associated with car safety, to enable quick browsing and consumer decision making. When making a viz that answers a simple question (which car seat is the easiest to use and why?), try to make it simple and intuitive by avoiding gimmicks and clutter.


Great viz! Do you have one that helps keep the kids quiet while in the car seat?

Thanks Ellie... thought you would appreciate it! I guess we will have to do a viz on in-car DVD players to keep them quiet...

Very cool - do they have price ranges - that would be a very helpful filter as a parent.

Yeah, I just wish that the DOT/NHTSA cared about the things we care about. How about a rating for "Oh this thing is heavy my arm is going to fall off!" :)

The data source has Weight as a field.

However, the workbook download link is not available in the Tableau Public viz above for some reason. That might be nice, or maybe the .tds file and .tde files?

Peace and All Good!
Michael W Cristiani

Hi Mike,
This link to the standalone viz has a download link.


Thank you very much for the link to the standalone viz. Lovely in Tableau 5.1 beta 2. This implementation of the interactive ratings is much easier to navigate then the official version on the web.

Peace and All Good!
Michael W Cristiani

Thanks for the list, what are the criteria used to get these ratings.

I see this list is for ease of use, is there something that rates these things on crash safety? if it is listed somewhere else, could someone please post a link.

also if someone knows what the best of the best 'safest' seat out there is (price not a consideration), could they please post that as well.

Thank you very much!!!