Tableau + AWS

Tableau Server on AWS Healthcare Quick Start

Optimizing Tableau on AWS for HIPAA workloads

As more healthcare organizations take advantage of and move to the cloud, Tableau and AWS are supporting their journey with a new offering.

One area Tableau and AWS focus on is the speed of your deployments. Our technology experts work together to figure out the best configurations to help you deploy Tableau on AWS faster and more confidently, and now that’s the case with the Healthcare Quick Start. This Quick Start helps healthcare customers rapidly deploy Tableau Server on AWS and concurrently supports healthcare customers’ compliance objectives out-of-the-box. Customers can quickly provision software applications in a manner that accelerates alignment with HIPAA regulations.

What makes this different?

This new joint offering is preconfigured with common cloud infrastructure controls, security constructs, and compliance documentation templates tailored to support your HIPAA compliance efforts. It is important to note that HIPAA compliance requires the direction and review of a customer’s legal, compliance and IT teams to customize specific features and services. AWS and Tableau provide certain services that have undergone a security review and are approved for use with HIPAA workloads. With respect to security, AWS employs a shared responsibility model, as described in the corresponding infographic.

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