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An IT Roadmap for Scaling Self-Service Reporting

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An IT Roadmap for Scaling Self-Service Reporting

In an age where data is king, the shift to self-service analytics seems threatening and even out of control for IT leaders—but it doesn’t have to be.

A new implementation model, anchored by a real partnership between IT leaders and business users, calls for IT to own the center of operations, security and governance, data acquisition, maintenance and provisioning.

Because the best analytical insights come from user-generated dashboards running on top of IT-managed infrastructure, this fundamental shift in work methodology will put information directly in the hands of business users who know what questions to ask, how to interpret the results, and even what follow-up questions to explore.

In this paper, you’ll find an in-depth roadmap for scaling self-service reporting at your organization.

  • New process for fast prototyping
  • Clear enablement roles for IT
  • Suggested workflows for new technology
  • Nurturing a company wide culture of business analytics
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We really wanted a self-service model. The folks in IT really didn't want to be the report writers, nor should they be. From an IT perspective, we can put Tableau where it belongs, in the hands of the folks that use the data and know the data.

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