PepsiCo Cuts Analysis Time with Tableau + Trifacta

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Learn how PepsiCo cut 90% of their analysis time with Tableau and Trifacta

PepsiCo’s Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) team collaborates with large retailers to supply the right quantities of product for their warehouses and stores. Retailer data often comes in different formats—making it difficult to wrangle. To make sense of disparate data, PepsiCo adopted Tableau partner, Trifacta, pulling the data into Tableau for forecasting and analysis. This solution helped the CPFR team reduce end-to-end run time of analysis by as much as 70%. And with Tableau, PepsiCo reduced report production time by as much as 90%. Today, PepsiCo has more accurate data—faster, giving them a competitive advantage in the retail space.

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We’re able to turn customer data around and present it to the rest of our company, in a way that everyone can understand, faster than our competitors.

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