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Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership boosts quality of care for over 2.8 million people with Tableau

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True collaboration across all 33 health and social care organisations for first time

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) is responsible for the healthcare of 2.8m citizens. In 2016, GMHSCP revamped its data infrastructure by replacing its network of disparate spreadsheets with a Microsoft SQL data warehouse and Tableau.

Deploying Tableau has helped GMHSCP increase collaboration across the whole partnership, with all hospitals now working together through Tableau, using near real-time data to deliver improved patient care.

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Using Tableau we can see everything that’s happening in our hospitals, from how many people are there, to how long they’ve been waiting and if they require a bed. That information allows everyone to make informed decisions throughout the day and work collaboratively as a group, rather than as 11 separate entities.

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