7 Tips to Succeed with Big Data

What's happening right now with big data? Here's what you need to know today for success with big data.

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One thing we know for sure is that big data will continue to grow. Terabytes are old news; now we’re hearing about petabytes, zettabytes, and beyond.

So how can you mine maximum value from your rapidly-expanding data? Read this guide to learn seven new ways to make the most of your big data:

  • Use one tool to analyze it all. Connect to multiple databases and file formats.
  • Play to your natural strengths. Human abilities naturally detect and understand patterns.
  • Free your data. Eliminate the reporting que with secure self-service.
  • Cross the streams. Unlock more insights by blending data across multiple sources.
  • With great power comes great responsibility. Allow IT to manage data architecture, security, and access controls.
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Organizations with big data are over 70 percent more likely than other organizations to have BI projects that are driven primarily by the business community, not by the IT group.

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