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2020 Data Trends

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Read about the six major data trends we believe will pick up steam in 2020.

Every year, we look ahead to understand the major data trends that will shape the future of work in the following year. We’re seeing more collaboration and sharing, smarter ways to leverage new and emerging technologies, and a whole lot more.

This report focuses on six major data trends:

  1. Data Literacy: Organizations look to academia as a data literacy incubator
  2. Artificial Intelligence: AI moves from abstract to actionable
  3. Data Storytelling: Personalized data stories go mainstream
  4. Data Equity: Transparency around workplace data leads to equity and organizational success
  5. Data Culture: Accountability for data stretches across the C-suite
  6. Data Management: Data integration is the catalyst for IT-business harmony

To learn more about the thinking, research, and customer stories behind each of the trends, read the full 2020 Data Trends report.

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We need to help everyone understand the story that we’re telling. And one of the ways that we do that is by using a data catalog. We can start helping our residents and those who are consuming information to understand what we mean when we say those specific words. Words are really important. Definitions are really important.

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