Student Viz Games Challenge: Agent Orange

Here's the Challenge

H.R. 299, the “Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2017” passed the House of Representatives and is before the Senate right now. What this bill would do is change VA’s definition of when claims processors could concede exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam and potentially grant related benefits. Currently, in order for a Veteran to be presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange, they must show that they either set foot in Vietnam or that they traveled up an inland waterway. This bill would make it so that the Veteran would just have to show that they were on a ship that traveled within 12 nautical miles of Vietnam.

In order to derive this information, the Department of Veterans Affairs is asking you to build a map in Tableau and tell if the attached ships crossed the line or not.

Excerpt from H.R. 299: “(d) DETERMINATION OF OFFSHORE.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for purposes of this section, the Secretary shall treat a location as being offshore of Vietnam if the location is not more than 12 nautical miles seaward of a line commencing on the southwestern demarcation line of the waters of Vietnam and Cambodia and intersecting the following points:

Points Geographic Names Latitude (North) Longitude (East)
Hon Nhan Island, Tho Chu Archipelago Kien Giang Province 9°15.0’ 103°27.0’
Hon Da Island southeast of Hon Khoai Island Minh Hai Province 8°22.8’ 104°52.4’
Tai Lon Islet, Con Dao Islet in Con Dao-Vung Toa Special Sector 8°37.8’ 106°37.5’
Bong Lai Islet, Con Dao Islet 8°38.9' 106°40.3'
Bay Canh Islet, Con Dao Islet 8°39.7’ 106°42.1’
Hon Hai Islet (Phu Qui group of islands) Thuan Hai Province 9°58.0’ 109°5.0’
Hon Doi Islet, Thuan Hai Province 12°39.0’ 109°28.0’
Hon Doi Islet, Thuan Hai Province 12°39.0’ 109°28.0’
Dai Lanh point, Phu Khanh Province 12°53.8’ 109°27.2’
Ong Can Islet, Phu Khanh Province 13°54.0’ 109°21.0’
Ly Son Islet, Nghia Binh Province 15°23.1' 109° 9.0'
Con Co Island, Binh Tri Thien Province 17°10.0' 107°20.6'

Directions to save to Tableau Public here.

Submission Rules

  • You must be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited academic institution at the time of submission to participate.
  • Teams (up to 2 students) are permitted. Both team members need to provide their names and contact information upon submission.
  • You must publish your viz to your Tableau Public profile. Be sure the data that you're using can be shared publicly.
    • Learn how to publish your viz to Tableau Public here.
    • Only one entry per round is allowed and work must be original. You can make edits to your submission up until the deadline. If you submit multiple entries, only the most recent entry will be considered.


October 5, 2018 - October 28, 2018

All submissions received between October 5 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time(ET) and October 25 at 11:59 p.m. ET will be considered.

Judging and Recognition

Top 3 winning teams will be judged based on the following criteria and recognized:

  • Impact and Utility – 20%
    • Quality and inattentiveness of visual storytelling – 20%
    • Compelling use of provided dataset(s), and other open data sets – 20%
    • Use of technology - 20%
    • Presentation – 20%
  • Top 3 teams will be offered an up to 45min conversation with leaders with Tableau or other partnering organizations and/or agencies on career development.
  • All participants who complete challenge on time with all required info will be offered email confirmation of contribution and potential future networking opportunities.
  • Please note all submission must be submitted on time to Tableau Public.