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Tableau for Teaching

Incorporate visual analytics into any curriculum.

Tableau is free for instructors around the world

One Professor’s Story

Learn how Chon Abraham, Associate Professor, Mason School of Business, is helping her students learn Tableau and get relevant internships.

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Introducing the new Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam. 25% off discount available to students until June 30, 2019.

Why Tableau?

In-demand skills

Data isn’t going anywhere. Companies are hiring for analytical skills to tackle big data in every industry.

Student engagement

Spend less time teaching software and more time helping your students find deep analytical insights.

Easy to use

With a large library of on-demand tutorials and a dedicated support community, teaching data analysis is easier than ever.

Check out the instructor resource page for self-service learning options, ready-made curriculum materials, answers to frequently asked questions, and license support.