GE Aviation and Tableau Partner to Better Serve the Airline Industry with Data Analytics

Making aviation data accessible and useful to industry

Publish Date: October 31, 2017 - 9:00am

EVENDALE, OH and SEATTLE, WA – October 31, 2017 - GE Aviation’s Digital Solutions (NYSE:GE) and Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) today announced an agreement to empower commercial and military airline customers across the aviation industry with agile visual analytics that can help improve fuel efficiencies, aircraft safety and consumers’ overall flying experience. GE’s Predix platform will provide rich services with detailed data and reports blending airline and industry data that aviation customers can acquire to analyze and customize on-the-fly with Tableau’s advanced visual analytics capabilities.

“We are working with our partners to make aviation data accessible and useful to everyone in the industry, and not just engine data,” said Andrew Coleman, chief commercial officer for GE Aviation’s Digital Solutions. “This partnership with Tableau will bring together the capabilities of the best industrial cloud platform and the best business intelligence platform, giving our customers powerful insights that drive operational efficiencies and revenue enhancements.”

GE’s fleet of 35,000 engines produce more than 100 million flight records each year, capturing more than one million terabytes of data each day. From engine diagnostics and maintenance requirements, to flight patterns and fuel usage, this data can be used to accelerate industry-wide efficiency and growth. By leveraging Tableau’s leading visual analytics platform, GE Aviation is making it easier for airlines to access, understand and take action on this data. Airlines can now explore customer reports created in Tableau through Predix, GE’s cloud-based software platform for industrial applications. Airlines can perform further analysis from a variety of industry data sources that GE is providing with Tableau’s powerful, easy-to-use platform.

“Aviation customers are not only looking for ways to make sense of their own data but also want to see data trends from across the industry,” said Dan Miller, EVP of worldwide sales, services and support for Tableau. “We look forward to working alongside GE Aviation as an industry pioneer to build powerful data solutions that will help customers answer questions and solve problems with data.”

Through this agreement, GE Aviation is now a global alliance and reselling partner of Tableau, providing a two-pronged solution for rich data and analytics capabilities to the aviation industry. Tableau enables key operational insights through streamlined dashboards and meaningful data, while GE provides industry domain expertise across data and analytics, aircraft engines and systems. Bringing these capabilities together represents a unique opportunity for the aviation ecosystem to find and leverage countless digital innovation opportunities.

For example, an airline can see the fuel consumption per minutes sitting on tarmacs and compare to industry or airport averages on Predix through Tableau. As airlines have more questions, they can easily customize reports, blend more data sources and perform additional drag-and-drop calculations with Tableau.

This agreement solidifies and expands the GE Aviation and Tableau relationship, creating opportunities to serve the larger aviation industry. Aviation business users can now engage with their data, learn from those insights, ask meaningful questions and solve the problems that create value across their operations.

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