Hamburg Süd increases Efficiency and Productivity with Tableau Software

Fast implementation of Tableau tools enables close collaboration between employees for logistics specialist

Publish Date: January 8, 2014 - 6:00am

Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) today announced that Hamburg Süd, a worldwide logistics specialist based in Hamburg, is using Tableau for its data analytics. With Tableau, Hamburg Süd will increase collaboration between employees based in a variety of locations, and helped the company gain a competitive advantage by providing staff with fast and easy access to data.

As a large global organization responsible for transporting more than 3.2 million TEU (1 TEU = 20 foot container) in 2012, Hamburg Süd (full name Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG) places a great deal of importance on its employees working closely together, regardless of whether they are based in an office, in a harbour, or even at sea. After experiencing a rapid period of growth and development in recent years, it quickly realised that it needed to find a faster, easier way for staff to work together to quickly analyse and interpret the increased amounts of data that had also emerged.

“As a large, global player the principle challenge we face is being agile enough to maintain our flexibility,” said Dr. Michael Lontke, Global Head of Information Technology & Organization from Hamburg Süd. “For the vast majority of our customers, we are not only ship operator but also a provider of solutions for the whole supply and logistics chain, which means it is critical that we are able to work together to use the data we have to make quick, informed decisions when the need arises.”

“Having initially met Tableau alongside one of its German partners, Oraylis, at a two-day workshop, we were impressed by how easy their tools were to use, and how quickly the solutions were able to be implemented. Indeed, twenty-five of our controllers were able to create reports and calculations within hours of implementation and since then, we’ve found that we are able to work much faster and make significant savings in terms of time and money as well,” said Dr. Michael Lontke from Hamburg Süd.

“In fast-moving industries with a number of moving parts, the ability to make quick decisions can be the difference between success and failure,” said Ralf Patzwaldt, Account Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Tableau. “Access to a data analytics solution that can be implemented quickly, easily and successfully can play a critical role. As Hamburg Süd has demonstrated, it can also help to increase efficiency, and productivity and even impact on the bottom line as a direct result.”

About Hamburg Süd
Hamburg Süd has been active in international marine transport for more than 140 years and is a member of the Oetker Group, Bielefeld. It ranks among the world’s 15 largest container shipping companies and is one of the leading providers on the North-South trade routes. The company is represented in container shipping by two brands: Hamburg Süd as a German carrier and Aliança as a Brazilian shipping company operating vessels under the Brazilian flag. Moreover, it is present on the world’s oceans in the bulk and product tanker trade under the names Rudolf A. Oetker (RAO) and Aliança Bulk (Aliabulk). A further component is Columbus Shipmanagement GmbH (CSG), whose complex area of activity ranges from technical management and crewing to materials management. All logistics services upstream and downstream of marine transport, including the necessary customs clearance tasks, are provided by Columbus Logistics Services GmbH (CLS). In addition, the shipping group offers business travel, cruises and events through the Hamburg Süd Travel Agency. In 2012 Hamburg Süd deployed 42 owned and 111 third-party vessels.

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