discovers a fast and easy-to-use business intelligence tool achieves significant time savings in the production of reports

Publish Date: January 2, 2013 - 2:45pm is the leading social network of French and European blogs with over 34 million blogs worldwide.

The problem: the heterogeneity of computer systems

How does one benefit from an ultra-rapid and easy-to-use business intelligence tool, measuring the usage habits of blog users and the efficiency of advertising campaigns? Until recently, Skyrock's response was to allow each of its services to use its own business intelligence tool, at the expense of efficiency, productivity and usability. For example, Marketing users for the "editor" portion (site building) used one system, while those in advertising (monetizing the site) used another to show page impressions, unique visitors, revenue generated, etc.

Skyrock realized that choosing a single, standardized, high-performance business intelligence solution transformed the ability of its users to analyze and understand data. This is explained by the fact that, naturally, we see and understand data more effectively with interactive visualizations. In the end, the new Skyrock system provided answers to these questions, thereby making it possible to grow web audiences and advertising revenue.

Solutions that are easy to use save time and improve analyses

Skyrock uses Tableau Software to quickly analyze web usage and the advertising revenues generated by its advertisers. Employees use Tableau to create intuitive dashboards, publish data in a browser and embed it in emails so that it can be shared by other users within the company. The majority of employees access Tableau from a browser and are able to get answers to their questions in a few clicks.

One of the key factors in the success of Tableau is its extreme speed and ease of use. The deployment of Tableau at Skyrock was managed internally, without the support of IT experts, and no formal training was required. Members of staff were able to train themselves mainly by using short online videos. And the results speak for themselves: reports on the study of web usage, which once required a half day, are now created in less than 30 minutes.

"Skyrock has to analyze large amounts of data, and Tableau is a high-performance solution that greatly facilitates reporting. The production of reports becomes more fun and effective," says Loïc Cadiot, Project Manager at Skyrock. “Because we save time on the collection and presentation of data, we can devote more time to the essentials: data analysis and decision-making that promotes increases in audience and advertising revenue."

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