Tableau Public Announces Top 100 Vizzes of Q2, from Election Controversy to Cycling in France

Huffington Post and Daily Kos take top spots with vizzes focused on politics

Publish Date: July 21, 2011 - 2:30pm

SEATTLE – July 21, 2011 – Tableau Software released its quarterly publication of the top 100 visualizations for Tableau Public for Q2 2011. These are ranked by viewing sessions and online interactions and show trends across the group. The most-visited new visualization was published on the Huffington Post and showed irregularities in voter turnout in a controversial Wisconsin election. The #2 went to Daily Kos for a viz showing the rise and ebb in President Obama’s poll numbers in the weeks after Osama bin Laden was killed.

There was a tie for most interactive visualization. Both Patrick Ishmael’s Presidential Survey Results, published on Hot Air, and Zillow Real Estate Research’s Mapping Home-Value Declines, published on the Wall Street Journal, tallied 72% interactivity rates, meaning 72% of the people who saw that viz on a web page spent time modifying or querying it for additional information.

This quarter's top vizzes are striking for the breadth of subjects covered:

  • 57 different websites and 68 different authors were represented on the list, many appearing for the first time.
  • Many journalists turned their visualization skills to react quickly to and explain the impact of natural disasters. Napo Monasterio of visualized Alabama Tornado Deaths, Peter Aldous of New Scientist visualized Mississippi Floods, and Nathan Bernier of KUT News visualized Texas Drought.
  • 15% of top 100 visualizations were published on non-U.S. sites, from Argentina's La Nación to France’s OWNI.
  • As always, sports data was a popular topic for visualization. Chris St. John looked at which cities baseball slugger Jose Bautista hit the ball the furthest in Beyond the Boxscore, Stephen McDaniel tracked Wimbledon winners in his viz on the Guardian Data Blog, Al Melchior of CBS Sports continued to visualize baseball for the benefit of fantasy leagues everywhere.

"People are using Tableau to showcase both their creativity and analytical abilities," said Ellie Fields, Director of Product Marketing. "They’re taking data from so many different sources and telling amazing stories with it. We love exploring our authors’ visualizations and so do their audiences who continue to interact at an impressive rate."

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